A Genuine Mistake – Novel

Everyone is faking it in this dark comedy.

Except Jude – art expert and Patron Saint of Lost Causes. Brothers Tom and Dan are both in love with Maddie – a doctor with a nasty habit. When Dan accidentally frighthens a priest to death, the brothers are blackmailed by Harry Baxter, a local villain into stealing a Dali masterpiece.

23 years later Sal, an LA comic is given the deeds to the Orange Club in Camden, London by his mother Maddie. All roads lead to Barcelona and a bloody showdown in the rain. Will Sal find the Dali and his estranged Father. It’s up to Jude really.

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Lockdown 28 – Poetry Book for Charity

Some cried – some laughed – some got inspired

When Covid 19 hit New Zealand, the country was forced into lockdown. What to do ? I challenged myself to write a poem a day for 28 days. The idea was to raise funds for those worst effected and to cheer people up by giving them something to look forward to. All proceeds to the Salvation Army.

Day 16…..

The world right now is one big lap dance

you can look and dream but not too much

at stuff you can’t yet touch

keep your social distance……

no chance

33 – Poems

Love, regret & dirty laundry – miles away from home.

Long and dusty with a mysterious air
she swaggers through the grapes
hair following immersed in smoke
fuming from the cheek of the man

Sipping from a glass
taken like a hasty photograph
a right laugh in the face of someone negative
busy playing true and loyal only to herself

Ripe and plucked from life
squashed by man machine and hasty assumptions that she was ready
and willing for anything that goes blindly
into the arms of a monster

From “Barossa.” 2002