All to the Right

Fake it till you make it with that tan you didn't have yesterday making all the fake news and spraying it across the media in between adverts for platform trainers that you can't run in unless it's in an election where there are only two clowns to vote for who make each other look good … Continue reading All to the Right

FB and the Lighthouse

Shuffling through the warm surf towards the lighthouse thinking of Kenya and the giggling boys jumping into the sandy brown estuary to cover their innocence from the sudden white man. Trying not to remember the look on your face as I slipped that day smacking my head on the wet boulder hearing you shouting at … Continue reading FB and the Lighthouse


He lays in the empty French bath with his torn suit and dirty boots on a rolled up cigarette hanging from his cut lip making him wince when he tries that endearing smile of his in the cracked shaving mirror. Paul Kelly on vinyl hisses and jumps the aroma from the lavender field outside the … Continue reading Jocasta

Lost in Translation

I’m sitting in this installation by a Japanese woman well I think that’s the idea anyway and if looks could kill I’d stare at something, anything as I’ve now got an hour to waste with no pen although I do have a spare hand to write on I have an internal moment about being an … Continue reading Lost in Translation