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Down to the Wire was first published a little over 20 years ago. It is dedicated to my daughter who is now in her final year at University. It has been remastered for a whole new audience and is a tale of death, madness, tarot cards and terrorists.

Robert Collins is struggling to cope with the sudden and suspicious death of his clairvoyant wife Siobhan, who foretold her own death in a Tarot reading. Robert however is both a journalist and a born sceptic, only believing in spirits of the malt variety. A painting that has a life of its own and the poetic advice of W B Yeats reveal where the real danger lies for Robert and his daughter and what he has to do to avoid the wrath of the criminal underworld.

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Sunset 92 is the fourth in a series of six books of my poetry. The title was inspired by a Paul Weller track (On Sunset) where he laments good times gone by. I first went to Los Angeles in 1992 with my dear friend Robert. Like kids in a sweetshop, we had a blast and I remembered to write a lot of it down.

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The Broken Hipster is the story of famous but disgraced actor Spencer Large. He is running out of time to save his life, career and his one time muse, and comedienne, Honey B. She has taken some documents from the Purple Russian and then promptly vanished. He offers Spencer a large amount of cash to say where she is but Spencer really has no idea – literally.

Scheduled for Release March 2023

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