I’m Scottish and lived in London for many years before moving to New Zealand – you know – the place that punches above its weight at sport and responding to pandemics.

My tutor at university once commended me on my ability to write proper English and suggested I join a trade union as I had the smarts to see both sides of an argument. Good advice which, at 22 I naturally ignored.

It has been 20 years since I published my first novel Down to the Wire. The anniversay edition will shortly be available at the Shop along with my new novel – A Genuine Mistake.

Pretty Real is a new poetry collection available now. Check it out at the SHOP along with others – 33 and Lockdown 28.

See what’s Coming Soon.

Basically I’ve swapped the corporate office and the bullshit bingo for my laptop and my mate Charlie, a chocolate Labrador. I live in Wanaka, Central Otago with Jackie.

The sun light after a massive dump of snow helped create this shot.

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