I’m Scottish and lived in London for many years before moving to New Zealand. That’s the place that punches above its weight at sport and responding to pandemics. Oh, and pretty much everyone loves our Prime Minister, Jacinda – as it seems, does the rest of the world.

My tutor at university once commended me on my ability to write proper English and suggested I join a trade union as I had the smarts to see both sides of an argument. Good advice which, at 22 I naturally ignored. I feel I owe it to Professor Gourlay to prove him correct on the writing bit.

I self-published a novel a few years back (Down to the Wire) and have recently completed another entitled A Genuine Mistake.

Lockdown 28 is poetry book penned during NZ’s Covid lockdown. All proceeds go to the Salvation Army. I have also written other poetry and short stories – check them out at the SHOP.

Basically I’ve swapped the corporate office and the bullshit bingo for my laptop and my mate Charlie, a chocolate Labrador. I live in Wanaka, Central Otago.

Jackie and Charlie