Sunset 92

Going down to a familiar place

where it’s easy to see nothing

at all not even

some sense of reality

Remembering the first time

little virgins eating ice cream

in the middle of the night

Little Tokyo drinking tea in mugs

with no handles in the day

Being told about the importance

of good teeth

not the danger

of fermented fruit with vodka

and dancing with strangers

as Sinatra sings for 50 cents

from the juke box of a biker bar

Having nothing really stupid to say

about a fake drive by

or someone’s Grandma

getting kicked out of the bath

on account of some drunk British guys

springing a bladder surprise

Indiscretions in phone booths

or jay walking in bare feet

sitting next to Pfeiffer

then  sniffing her seat

Looking back from the Griffith

and up at it all

observing from the brighter stars

that it’s all over now

© Ash Cheyne 2021

By Ash Cheyne

I'm a Scot living in New Zealand. I write stories and poetry and experiment with photography, I have just finished a novel called "A Genuine Mistake."


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