Hypnotised  by the teasing flames  dancing  their own little opera Staring at the heat enveloping all that we are as stars above sparkle in the clear black night The odd one falls to earth satellite pollution maybe thanks man Delightful place to be alive defying gravity from twelve thousand miles away from where it all […]

Your Shout

I once wrote a poem that I’m fairly sure nobody read Someone will, I’m sure after I’m dead and gone to a place where no one knows about anything at all regarding the need, the desire to share our thoughts with that one of a kind hearted soul I could of course, instead have shouted […]

Take Cover

Give it your best shot go on do it you know you want to Just hold it steady go on no shaking now I know you’re nervous of course you are but what’s to lose ? No one knows we are here it’s just you and me and the silence in monochrome The click in […]


A little Asian girl smoking a cigarette on a swing at this time of the morning instead of being on time for school. An old man from South London been here 50 years. Not the bus stop although it feels like it. He’s never worn gloves in this town, you know not cold enough unless […]

Laughing Matters

Said she had no sense of humour Thought she was joking ironic Certainly got bored as my shirts creased up Meet you here, there, everywhere Just never in the place I wait impatiently like we’ve arranged to break in to the asylum through the front door Just one more trouble is they’re not cornettos at […]

Having a Ball

Good morning morning, morning All the innocence of the very young echoing around the steps as I see through the trees that I’ve not yet missed the bus Cinderella scrapes her knee and ponders whether that is worse than losing a shoe in front of a crowd Bus comes, eventually as she waves away her […]

Fatal flaws

There’s none of us perfect we all have something wrong us humans The supermarket lady asks me if the banana is up to standard with that ugly black mark We all have at least one of those on the outside or the inside that never fails to disappoint in a crisis I got eyes that […]