Tired looking man on the bus

with an overdue suit and worn out shirt

and a look on his face that could kill

his boss if he told him one more time

that there are deadlines to be met

and to swallow his pride.

Two girls, mother and daughter I’d say

laughing and smiling at two little ones

sisters maybe

sharing a scooter and the fear of falling

in love with the idea that

they can go faster than the bus

the packed, hot, sweaty, steamy bus

full of people like their parents


Daily Word Prompt – Swallow

Ash Cheyne © 2018


One way or another

I’m gonna get ya, get ya, get ya

to the city that never smiles

big yellow taxis

arguements at tribeca and

crashing at the Pennsylvania

across from the Garden.

Think of blowing my mind

as we walk and walk

vodka and pink lemonade in hand

across from Brooklyn

to the Towers that vanished

from the eye line.

She buys me a cool tee shirt

in return for a couple of beers

in the Village of lost souls.

Take a boat ride in the park

staring at the outside of the Dakota with a tear

hearing her say I’m not enough for her

Strawberry Fields


I laugh a little, cry

at the dead body on the sidewalk

and think of home

which you don’t get anywhere else.


© Ash Cheyne 2017


Daily Word Prompt – One Way.




She was splendidly mature for her age

earthy you might say

quite an acidic,  Italian mouthful

the lingering of tobacco

a punch of mushroom

Vintage poetry

consumed in a short evening hour


© Ash Cheyne 2017

Daily Word Prompt – Mushroom

Take Away News

If something needs to be done with great care and caution, such as holding a new born baby or descending a creaky stair or being President of the United States of America, one should apparently do it gingerly.

If you have gazillions to invest( hide from the tax person) offshore or an up and coming actress to harrass or loads of really dangerous weapons to organise for a killing spree, then gingerly is the way.

If you’re Scottish and gay however and have been convicted of something related to that lifestyle choice, then don’t hang about, as the Scottish parliament are sorry and are prepared to issue a pardon. Yee hah.

If you’re a young band and you want to bridge the gap between technology and artefact, then record your demo on a cassette tape as they are making a steam rolling come back. If you don’t know what a cassette tape is, google it on your Gen Y device.

And – if you are the new Prime Minister of New Zealand and your about to hold a conference call with the aforementioned POTUS, then shut the cat flap if you don’t want Paddles to meoww very loudly at the great orange one. Paddles wasn’t ginger and has sadly passed on but what a way to go.

Upstaged only by Jacinda ( aforementioned PM of NZ) being gingerly refused a takeaway order at a local Indian on the grounds it was a crank call. I’ll bet Ed Sheeran gets that all the time.

© Ash Cheyne 2017

Daily Word Challenge – Gingerly





She was no chicken

although he always let her come first

good egg that he was

Holding her arm as they tread lightly between us

guilty with their dirty little secret

unable to keep the witches at bay

despite bashing a few heads

One strong swimmer and an unsuspecting arrangement

a wedding breakfast well after the morning

of broken promises and gamekeepers getting poached

scrambling for the truth


© Ash Cheyne 2017

Daily Word Prompt – Egg

Summertime Blues

Birds chatter to each other about their holidays as insects turn up uninvited

My dog makes a noise like a steam train as I call to him in grass long enough to lose himself in

A walk in the woods without gumboots

The neighbours  find the key to the shed where they left it 6 months ago;plugging things in and wishing they’d dried others before committing them to hibernation

Then they have sex with their windows open, making noises that carry in the summmer breeze

Sand, sand flies, bites and the sticky awkwardness of an office without aircon.

Different coloured skies and healthy clouds bringing welcome rain as the nearly dry washing flaps on the line in panic

Grateful plants

Wet grass and the smell of golf club changing rooms mixing with the heavy thundery air and the late smack of leather on willow, followed by nervous applause


Pretty girls wearing their best

Weeds growing out of bricks

Disrupted, light affected sleep

Suddenly, winter returns with a quick drop in celsius, followed by a wind to lose your hat in

Then you remember

You live in Wellington


© Ash Cheyne 2017

Daily Word Prompt Challenge – Neighbours

Image – Getty Images – Julia-DavilaLampe

A Genuine Mistake

John Lennon once said: “Surrealism to me is reality. Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.”

Yesterday I received the draft cover for my new book from a designer I went to school with. We both thought it surreal that all those years ago in the playground would come to this.

Then todays word challenge is surreal.

Now that leaves nothing to the imagination.


©Ash Cheyne 2017


Please do enlighten me

as to who sent you

to brighten the horizon

I keep swimming to

in order to see the sun rise

before everyone else


Not Brighton of course

which would be as lovely

as you could make it

on the beach amongst the stones

scuffing pebbles and shells

holding hands

and harbouring warm feelings and hope

that everyone can cope

with the storms inside and out


© Ash Cheyne  2017

Daily Word Prompt – Enlighten


Not so much cloaked

more of a jacket really

military style although standing quite casually

in the bathhouse

oblivious to the curious stairs

taking single handed shots of the view

through the grubby window prints from the lunchtime children

debris from startled ducks and with any luck

she’ll turn around

pleased with her art

She taps the table with her stick

smiling at nothing obvious

nothing visible in her dark world

of beauty through eyes that see

only what she wants to


© Ash Cheyne 2017


Daily Word Prompt – Cloaked