An Apple A Day

It is just a casual bike ride on a Sunday afternoon. Taking the last bite of my apple, I think about flicking the remains into the canal but stop at the thought of the biodegradability consequences. I should take it home in my pocket but then my phone will get all sticky. I have two pockets so shouldn’t be a problem in this first world that we live in.

I see the other guy approaching, with his full attention on his device and wonder if he’s reading the news about all the food that will rot in the fields when there’s no one left to pick it. The workers, it seems, get paid very little for back breaking work and now that they’ve decided that Britain is full of racists, they don’t fancy the gig any more.

He gets closer, but he’s not looking up. Must be a fascinating article and I wonder if he’s got to the bit about the growers moving their operation to central and eastern Europe, presumably to have the stuff picked by, well, central and eastern Europeans.

He presses the buttons of his device and puts it to his ear, maybe to tell someone about the Chinese. Not the whole nation; just the two jokers who got themselves arrested in front of the Reichstag for giving a Hitleresque salute. They won’t be picking fruit any time soon I figure and there’s a ting on his device and he checks the cause. Probably a picture of what his friend had for dinner.

Inevitably, regardless of the shock news he’s just intercepted, we collide in a cacophony of metal, chains and apples. Mine eaten to the core; his shiny, latest version spiralling over the canal side wall and bouncing two or three times in a homage to Barnes Wallis before sinking to the bottom.

We both stare in silence into the murky canal. I’m thinking of those trenches that archaeologists have found in the south of England. They were intended to stop the German advance in WW1 and think maybe they could be used to slow the exodus back to Europe.

To the third world, where everything we had is now in the cloud.


© Ash Cheyne 2017

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