It all started beautifully, with love

Holding me in her arms

till a death from which we’d never recover


Near perfection

didn’t deserve the way love responds

to a change of heart and mind


Simply being the wrong colour to make the grade

Both of us


Pulling the wool

over the catch of the day

Remaining at large

with a self broken heart


Too young to fill such a gap

despite all the best lines

from movies we’d rather forget


Holding love the longest

taking her sweet time

to wish the fool under a bus


Speaking French, German and Spanish

and an awful lot of nonsense


And some fallen for with no idea at all


Love remains with me here now

Wise, wonderful, beautiful

without sympathy

where it’s not needed


Just tea and affection

and a box with no key


© Ash Cheyne 2017

Daily Word Prompt  – Sympathy


She had walked for miles before sitting, exhausted at the edge of the lake. Soft, flickering lights beginning to appear on the hillsides and reflecting on the deep water. Good time for a swim she thought but then she couldn’t. Not because of the cold and pending darkness. More that she had never learned. She had made enough mistakes for a lifetime of learning.

There were times when she just wanted to feel down on herself because it was her safe place. Everyone else could just fuck off and they weren’t invited in as she sipped from her bottle of bad memories. A brief respite as a prelude to the most deliberate of hangovers.

She had gone to his trailer but he was nowhere to be seen. Friends told her that might happen as he was wild at heart. Open to bad influences. Vulnerable, despite his apparent strength and speed. His elegance that they all swooned over.

They were in love but her version of that was very different to his, she supposed. She worried for him and hoped he was with someone good. Someone who cared enough about him to let him be himself. To be magnificent.

As the last few drops slid down her throat she felt resigned to her fate. Hopeless and alone again as the last flicker of the day tucked itself behind the hill. She drew on her cigarette. A habit she knew he would disapprove of and as she blew the clouds of smoke into the still, damp air she heard something behind her.

A tap and a scrape and she turned her back on the lake; her sudden smile creating a vast shimmer across the water and the sky. He was indeed magnificent and he had come for her, despite everything that had happened.

© Ash Cheyne 2017

© Photograph courtesy of Martine de Wit. Check out Martine’s other amazing work on Instagram – photos_by_martine

Daily Word Prompt Challenge – Shimmer