She was splendidly mature for her age earthy you might say quite an acidic,  Italian mouthful the lingering of tobacco a punch of mushroom Vintage poetry consumed in a short evening hour   © Ash Cheyne 2017 Daily Word Prompt – Mushroom

Take Away News

If something needs to be done with great care and caution, such as holding a new born baby or descending a creaky stair or being President of the United States of America, one should apparently do it gingerly. If you have gazillions to invest( hide from the tax person) offshore or an up and coming actress […]


She was no chicken although he always let her come first good egg that he was Holding her arm as they tread lightly between us guilty with their dirty little secret unable to keep the witches at bay despite bashing a few heads One strong swimmer and an unsuspecting arrangement a wedding breakfast well after the morning […]

Summertime Blues

Birds chatter to each other about their holidays as insects turn up uninvited My dog makes a noise like a steam train as I call to him in grass long enough to lose himself in A walk in the woods without gumboots The neighbours  find the key to the shed where they left it 6 […]

A Genuine Mistake

John Lennon once said: “Surrealism to me is reality. Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.” Yesterday I received the draft cover for my new book from a designer I went to school with. We both thought it surreal that all those years ago in the playground would come to this. Then todays word challenge is surreal. […]


Please do enlighten me as to who sent you to brighten the horizon I keep swimming to in order to see the sun rise before everyone else   Not Brighton of course which would be as lovely as you could make it on the beach amongst the stones scuffing pebbles and shells holding hands and […]


Not so much cloaked more of a jacket really military style although standing quite casually in the bathhouse oblivious to the curious stairs taking single handed shots of the view through the grubby window prints from the lunchtime children debris from startled ducks and with any luck she’ll turn around pleased with her art She […]