Pet Sounds

It is a masterpiece this symphony in blue

like my mood in irregular heartbeats


Tuned up, tight and ready

hands not too sweaty


Staring at the right page to know

when to come in, when I’m needed

for the melody


A pocket symphony of good vibrations

till I reach in mine for a tissue

and realise there isn’t one


I am naked and alone

in a room of a thousand stares

with only the sound of a dog

to wake me from the bad vibrations

of my humiliation at having overslept

On my first day at the pet shop.


© Ash Cheyne 2017

WordPress Daily Prompt Challenge – Symphony

Boarding Through Gate 5

We’re trapped in an airport lounge by the foggy indifference that means nothing is happening. We are going nowhere till something changes outside. Maybe nothing ever does, really.

Mind you, I’m stunned that Neymar, a mere footballer can be sold for £450m. It costs £1.29m to clone someone so why not make 153 of him?

A woman is elected leader of the New Zealand Labour party and promptly asked about her plans for parenthood. Am I confused, or was New Zealand the first self governing country in the world to give women the vote 124 years ago ?

Macedonia can’t call itself, well, Macedonia as the Greeks are not comfortable about it.

Far right activists in Norway abuse empty bus seats as they look like burqas. All in the genes I guess.

Surviving the week when Trump hires you. What a pantomime. Oh no it isn’t. Oh yes it is.

And then, just to restore your faith in humanity, a Cleveland diner grants a dying woman’s last wish by shipping a Tommy’s Mocha Milkshake to her hospital bed in Washington.

The sun breaks through; announcements are made and we all carry on like nothing ever happened. As the song goes, Martians could land in the car park and no one would care. Unless they were wearing burqas.


© Ash Cheyne  2017

Daily Word Prompt Challenge – Foggy

Coldplay & Risotto

I thought about it

you know

Making up a great poem

that rhymed

but then I just didn’t

have the time.


So I wrote this


you know

like Coldplay

and risotto

Not that hard

but easy to get it wrong.


Your work is no good Madeliine

Be gone from here

for I fear

you are substandard.


So Madeline the city pig

left the city

and joined the other animals.


It doesn’t really matter

how or what poetry

or words

you read to a 4 year old

who’s nearly asleep.

© Ash Cheyne 2017


I’ve got brain fluff

can’t get enough

down on myself

for not creating anything

anyone gets excited

about now.

Who’s fault is that


any time you like

come on

let’s hear it for the boy.

Fuck it

where’s the dog’s lead ?

I need an excuse

to lose myself

in thoughts only I understand.

That’s control you see

or maybe you don’t

cause I won’t

tell you what I mean

or where I’ve been.

You may not approve.


© AshCheyne 2017


Mrs Grenfell

She had a sunny disposition

despite living

in a box of fireworks

a funeral pyre.

She needed a break

from having to take

the stairs

She needed a lift really

that worked


And from the dealers

and the addicts

who slept in her car

while she worked in a bar

to make things.

Meat and veg and suchlike

for her kids

who went to school

most days.

Not today

not anymore

as the fourteenth floor

was too much

in the heat.

She was poor but she tried

and that’s not why she died.

That was cause we all looked away

till that day.


© Ash Cheyne 2017

Daily Word Prompt – Sunny


Relief Factor

Comic relief

beyond belief

Caught the seven

to the bottom of the hill

Number eight doesn’t go there

you see

Thought about her

half way up

as it was freezing

and i’d lost my coat

in that last bar

Two more than I’d intended

and said more

than I’d invented

Fifty six steps

trembling keyhole

and the white room

Said I could call her

anything I liked


beyond belief



© Ash Cheyne 2017

Daily Word Prompt Challenge – Relieved



To Do List


a fuss; drama; a diversion; chaos; a disturbance

the illusion that all is well

peace and harmony

a better life for yourself and others

somewhere warm for everyone to sleep and eat


a 30 minute daily limit on Facebook

longer attention spans

books that kids want to read

more original thought that turns you on

respect when it’s earned

recognition for hard working people and artists and soldiers and parents doing their best

trust and a collective conscience and the inconvenient truth

adverts that don’t yell at you cause you want to believe it

I love you’s that mean I give, not I take or I need.

a planet that superior beings could be bothered to invade


© AshCheyne 2017

Daily Word Prompt – Create