Laughing Matters

Said she had no sense of humour Thought she was joking ironic Certainly got bored as my shirts creased up Meet you here, there, everywhere Just never in the place I wait impatiently like we’ve arranged to break in to the asylum through the front door Just one more trouble is they’re not cornettos at […]

Having a Ball

Good morning morning, morning All the innocence of the very young echoing around the steps as I see through the trees that I’ve not yet missed the bus Cinderella scrapes her knee and ponders whether that is worse than losing a shoe in front of a crowd Bus comes, eventually as she waves away her […]

Fatal flaws

There’s none of us perfect we all have something wrong us humans The supermarket lady asks me if the banana is up to standard with that ugly black mark We all have at least one of those on the outside or the inside that never fails to disappoint in a crisis I got eyes that […]

Someone Else’s Dream

    For the third time this week, I’ve had the same vivid dream that I’m in this old style cafe in Soho. The tables and chairs are shoved together, like an old furniture store. It’s dimly lit, so much so that I have to blink repeatedly to get used to it. I’m sitting in the corner […]

Fault Lines

Shaken to the core of the problem No one’s fault really Just fate with heavy doses of self absorbed alcohol fuelled swipes at the doorman Plates move flying across the room like unidentified fucking idiots taking us by no surprise till the foundations rock Waves of regret high and strong enough to wipe the tears […]

Strangers Come

She had never sat with me head in hands like that before a tear formed in the corner of the eye,convinced it was her time to die. Hands played wrong note after out of tune confession in the grand old room where we would spend most of the Christmas holidays all of us stuffed with every […]


Tired looking man on the bus with an overdue suit and worn out shirt and a look on his face that could kill his boss if he told him one more time that there are deadlines to be met and to swallow his pride. Two girls, mother and daughter I’d say laughing and smiling at two little […]