About Ash

Back in the days when Gordon Gecko pronounced “Greed is Good,” I finished a business degree specialising in Behavioural Sciences and Industrial Relations. My professor commended me on my ability to write proper English and suggested I join a trade union as I had the smarts to see both sides of an argument.

Good advice which I naturally ignored. I was 22 years old and thought it better to leave Aberdeen and follow my girlfriend down to London. This was to become something of a pattern. Thirty five years of corporate ups, downs and curious sideways movements ensued. I still haven’t seen the inside of a trade union office, and I find myself still a Scottish socialist living in New Zealand. Different girl, by the way.

I feel I owe it to my old professor to prove him correct on the other point. It’s been twelve years between novels and I have a third one in me. Not to mention poetry of all sorts, although I’m not dead or famous so let’s see how that goes.

I’ve swapped the corporate office and the bullshit bingo for my laptop and a chocolate labrador called Charlie Whittaker.  Hopefully this blog will open opportunities for sharing writing, poetry, photography and healthy things like yoga and the circus with like minded souls. It’s never too late Professor Gourlay.