Ships in the Night

Uma meets Sam Hunt at a gallery in Wellington 2014.
I imagined him reading it aloud as I was writing it.

He met a girl called Uma

once upon a time

when words you could touch

and liked very much

were written by hand

no need

To rhyme

She met a man called Sam

who said he once knew

a girl called Uma

as he held us in the palm

of his hand

to understand

why some of us are here

or perhaps not

I forgot

They met each other

surrounded by art

by Frizzell

in the form of words

playing a part


In a sea of talent

above and beyond

like a brief dreamy delight

as Yates once said

This can’t be the end

of a beautiful friend

ships in the night

beyond belief.

© Ash Cheyne 2021

2 thoughts on “Ships in the Night

  1. Who is Frizzell? I found: nickname for someone who affected an ornate style of dress, from Old French frisel, fresel ‘decoration’, ‘ribbon’, ‘tassel’, ‘fringe’ (a diminutive of frese, of Germanic origin). Anglicized form of Friseal, Scottish Gaelic form of Fraser… and an insurance company.




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