Lost in Translation

I’m sitting in this installation by a Japanese woman

well I think that’s the idea anyway and if looks could kill

I’d stare at something, anything

as I’ve now got an hour to waste with no pen

although I do have a spare hand to write on

I have an internal moment

about being an artist and why some of us

or more likely our agent

will talk in riddles explaining

what its supposed to be about

If you got handed the card that says

good with words

then maybe music is still a noteworthy option

but you are probably rubbish with a paintbrush

which is a shame as you’d be useful to yourself

and those talking an interest

My, what big hands you have

thinks the lady in the gallery shop

who has a pen

and a very small piece of paper

and some sushi

© Ash Cheyne  

February 2019

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