Having a Ball

Good morning
All the innocence of the very young 
echoing around the steps
as I see through the trees
that I've not yet missed the bus

Cinderella scrapes her knee
and ponders whether that is worse
than losing a shoe
in front of a crowd

Bus comes, eventually
as she waves away her heartache
and I think of India
and the lack of cool air
without the charm

as heads throw back and forth
in synch with the drivers foot

No one talking to each other
except the chick on her mobile
describing the slowly changing vista
to someone who surely doesn't care
that much

Then the one carrying the crutch
maybe for moral support
as she gives up her seat 
to a fat person who claims to be disabled

not even discontent
as life drifts away one stop at a time

Looking for clues
lost and found
please check your balance
in case you fall
into the man in the dreadful cardigan
or the one in shirt sleeves
whatever the weather

They might have something to say 
if they knew about this

Don't let me down.

© Ash Cheyne - September 2018

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