Fault Lines

to the core
of the problem

No one's fault

Just fate with heavy doses
of self absorbed
alcohol fuelled
swipes at the doorman

Plates move
flying across the room
like unidentified fucking idiots
taking us by no surprise
till the foundations rock

Waves of regret
and strong enough
to wipe the tears away
then bring them crashing back 
to uproot
all that we hold dear

Everyone else's fault

© Ash Cheyne 26 August 2018

One thought on “Fault Lines

  1. Hi,

    Liked ‘The Vicious Circle’. What was it based on? I frequently get troubled to the core by problems. Usually just take a few hours to walk them off. Not a rewarding act in a concrete maze that is a Chinese city lacking any character whatsoever. You must remember yourself from your time in London. I’d get up early, fire up the Kawasaki and head to Parsons Green, Greenwich K\ensington… even North Kensington if I was feeling particulraly tough. Bow, The City on a blue sky day. Borough Market, Arsenal, Mayfair for the galleries. Why? because the architecture is so good.

    Had a weird experience recently. This is going to take a paragraph. I had a dream in January and I kept waking Chen Min up to tell her about where I was. Three weeks ago we went to Xiamen, the island city opposite Taiwan. We had a delicious coconut milk tea and then left the shop. I immediately told her ‘this was my dream’. Every shop, every person, every police officer.

    But back to the most important point. Blowin’ by Jess Roden. Do you have an MP3?




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