Take Away News

If something needs to be done with great care and caution, such as holding a new born baby or descending a creaky stair or being President of the United States of America, one should apparently do it gingerly.

If you have gazillions to invest( hide from the tax person) offshore or an up and coming actress to harrass or loads of really dangerous weapons to organise for a killing spree, then gingerly is the way.

If you’re Scottish and gay however and have been convicted of something related to that lifestyle choice, then don’t hang about, as the Scottish parliament are sorry and are prepared to issue a pardon. Yee hah.

If you’re a young band and you want to bridge the gap between technology and artefact, then record your demo on a cassette tape as they are making a steam rolling come back. If you don’t know what a cassette tape is, google it on your Gen Y device.

And – if you are the new Prime Minister of New Zealand and your about to hold a conference call with the aforementioned POTUS, then shut the cat flap if you don’t want Paddles to meoww very loudly at the great orange one. Paddles wasn’t ginger and has sadly passed on but what a way to go.

Upstaged only by Jacinda ( aforementioned PM of NZ) being gingerly refused a takeaway order at a local Indian on the grounds it was a crank call. I’ll bet Ed Sheeran gets that all the time.

© Ash Cheyne 2017

Daily Word Challenge – Gingerly




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