Summertime Blues

Birds chatter to each other about their holidays as insects turn up uninvited

My dog makes a noise like a steam train as I call to him in grass long enough to lose himself in

A walk in the woods without gumboots

The neighbours  find the key to the shed where they left it 6 months ago;plugging things in and wishing they’d dried others before committing them to hibernation

Then they have sex with their windows open, making noises that carry in the summmer breeze

Sand, sand flies, bites and the sticky awkwardness of an office without aircon.

Different coloured skies and healthy clouds bringing welcome rain as the nearly dry washing flaps on the line in panic

Grateful plants

Wet grass and the smell of golf club changing rooms mixing with the heavy thundery air and the late smack of leather on willow, followed by nervous applause


Pretty girls wearing their best

Weeds growing out of bricks

Disrupted, light affected sleep

Suddenly, winter returns with a quick drop in celsius, followed by a wind to lose your hat in

Then you remember

You live in Wellington


© Ash Cheyne 2017

Daily Word Prompt Challenge – Neighbours

Image – Getty Images – Julia-DavilaLampe

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