Living the Dream

I awake and get out of bed totally energised and in accordance with my Circadian rhythms. I smell coffee and the unmistakeable odour of warm bread. I read an actual newspaper, laughing, crying a little and getting angry at the notion that a living wage in London is £9.75

I think about the girl next door and about weeding the garden or maybe planting something quite beautiful before walking the dog. He’s keen. Instead I hand write a letter to a friend and bang away some gripping fiction on my Remington.

I listen to the phone ring, playing a little roulette to see if I’ll take the call before it stops. I pick the actual mail off the mat as the dogs sees off the postman with a snarl. He’s still keen.

There are a few things I can’t recall. Birthdays and such like but I don’t have Facebook and well Google, that’s just to replace a part of our brian that’s made us lazy. I struggle to read the map as I drive to his house for the party and swerve to avoid a kid as I plummet into a ditch. There’s a bang and

I see a nurse putting a tray at the end of the bed as she encourages me to eat. My phone tings. A text message. It didn’t smash as it hit the ground before me as the motor cyclist sent me to dreamland. Genius.

© Ash Cheyne 2017

Daily Word Prompt – Genius


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