A Little Shapist

My otherwise intelligent dog is running around in circles chasing his tail with the sole objective of biting it and then doing a Scooby Doo impression. Ever have days like that? We must break the circle. Or is it the cycle ? Well that has two circles after all.

When we stop splashing paint randomly everywhere and form circles we are, it is suggested, developing our intelligence. Why is it then when we can’t resolve a problem we go around and around in circles till those considered quite brilliant isolate the issue and cut a series of straight lines, like a pre toddler, to the solution ?

What strategy did the cowboys adopt when the natives were on their case – yep, they formed a circle. Why does the M25 go around London and not straight through it ? Why do eagles circle their prey ? Is life a circle or a one way trip ? Why is genius right next to idiot? Isn’t πR² just the coolest of formulas ?

My otherwise intelligent dog is…..


© Ash Cheyne 2017

Daily Word Prompt – Circle


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