Write to be Wrong

Zadie Smith was recently quoted as saying – “I want to have my feeling, even if it’s wrong, even if it’s inappropriate.” By staying away from social media, she retains the right to be wrong. Basically if she knew what people’s reactions would be she wouldn’t write in the first place.

People are eager to launch into a tirade these days at what I would call harmless, or at worst funny, comments. There’s something for everyone to have a Paddy about in pretty much everything that’s said. Oh, hold on, can I say Paddy without inferring Irish people are prone to sense of humour loss? They are prone to the opposite actually – does that make it ok?

Earlier this month, the government of Togo cut off the internet in response to a threat from young people mobilising online and talking of toppling the government. After the initial confusion abated, all that happened was that people worked harder, talked more and had less sex. All bad for the government in the end.

Robots will apparently destabilise economies, start wars and take our jobs. I could be being cynical but isn’t all that happening already without robots? What if a robot says something we don’t like – do we get to object and launch a tirade of roboticist abuse? It would have to be online, as they are after all, on line or not functioning, are they not? Much like many humans.

Again, to quote Ms Smith (can I call her that?), “be appropriate in public life, but in your soul – this is a different thing.”


© Ash Cheyne 2017

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