Rabbit Politics 101

All the top rabbits inhabit nice hutches in a gated community. They eat top grade organic lettuce and carrots and generally have a nice lifestyle. The have vet care if they get sick although they don’t really need it. There are several exotic breeds in the community; some with really long ears and fur of varying shades. As they are considered elite, no one cares about the different shapes, sizes and colours.

Outside the community there is a tree lined avenue where the middle rabbits live. It is also nice but smaller and expensive to keep up. Any rabbit can come into the avenue but is expected to abide by the rules. Some of the middle rabbits have health care but others can’t afford it as their hutch upkeep takes most of their income. They will never be top rabbits unless they win bunny lotto or steal from a bunny bank. They could also get laid off from work and have to go live with the lower rabbits.

These lower rabbits live in the park, which is nice but they don’t own it. They can maintain it if they want to but they don’t have much incentive. They mostly want to work but they don’t have the right skills. They don’t eat well and tend to live on what the top supermarket won’t sell. Sometimes they are forced to steal to make ends meet, especially if they have lots of babies. This makes the middle rabbits fearful of them and unwilling to help.

The top rabbits are called right wingers which is weird as they don’t have any. They are also multi coloured which then makes no sense. Many of the right wing rabbits don’t read, despite all the good carrots they eat. A lot of them are actually left wingers because they want all rabbits to be healthy and happy. They can afford to think like that but they often don’t take action to achieve change.

The lower rabbits are mostly left wingers but there are a few who have lost the plot and want big changes. They seem to hate the top rabbits and want to be just like them at the same time.

The middle rabbits work away until they die and hope that their offspring will have a better life. They are neither rich enough to choose nor poor enough to get help. Eventually, all the upheaval in other areas caused by the top rabbits trying to get more will result in outsiders flooding the area. The middle rabbits will move away to cheaper hutches far away and the lower rabbits will take over. Years later, artistic and musical rabbits will come to the area and the price of hutches will go through the roof. The lower rabbits will move back to the park and continue eat poor carrots.

©Ash Cheyne 2017

Daily Word Prompt – Inhabit



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