The envelopes unfurl

some slowly with trepidation

others with great force

Nervous excitement

after the months of study

and the long wait

to see what the future holds

for the learned

Our future


The wings unfurl

From these unpredictable, beautiful creatures

White Letter Hairstreaks

not seen in Scotland

for a couple of centuries

Things have warmed up

and it’s safe to come up here now


The monks unfurl

from prayer and meditation

following in the footsteps of the Bhudda

keeping to their spiritual devotion and principles

Symbols from a thousand years ago


Misunderstood now


The Nazi flags unfurl

dredged from the past in ignorance

or perhaps in full knowledge

of what they stood for

The unread

who hate what they see

what they are

or have yet to become

Yet lack the intellect to

change anything

for the good




© Ash Cheyne

Daily Word Prompt Challenge  – Unfurl

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