Imaginary Friends



Just like that

in a jiffy

the blink of an eye


There’s no more you and me

no matter how hard we try


You see someone stole the interweb

a cyber criminal it seems

and we’ve crashed with no insurance

into the luddite of our dreams


I just don’t remember a thing about it

without Google


Looks like we’ll have more time though

to make those calls


Proper long distance conversations

with friends in other nations

that we haven’t seen for ages


We’ll be writing letters

and eventually getting better

at reading things

other than just porno mags


Someone will spoil it

a hacker or a spammer or a pfisher


Some odious little prick you’ve never met

but who keeps droning on

above your head

making you think it’s all just fine

Without him



© Ash Cheyne 2017

Daily Word Prompt – Jiffy

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