Mrs Grenfell

She had a sunny disposition

despite living

in a box of fireworks

a funeral pyre.

She needed a break

from having to take

the stairs

She needed a lift really

that worked


And from the dealers

and the addicts

who slept in her car

while she worked in a bar

to make things.

Meat and veg and suchlike

for her kids

who went to school

most days.

Not today

not anymore

as the fourteenth floor

was too much

in the heat.

She was poor but she tried

and that’s not why she died.

That was cause we all looked away

till that day.


© Ash Cheyne 2017

Daily Word Prompt – Sunny


8 thoughts on “Mrs Grenfell

  1. The really sad thing is that it takes a tragedy for us all to pay attention for about 5 minutes. Then we move on to the next piece of trivia on social media. I fear for the Gen Z’s who have been horribly brainwashed. Sorry for the rant…


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