Simple Minded

It’s dead flat

the long long beach

so cold

in the bright winter sun

Walking for miles

it seems like

we’ll never stop

and turn round

She sees it first

the silhouette of a man

in the distant sand

Comes closer

and she insists I give it a rub

so I polish it with my sleeve

to see what I can see

shining in this tin can

in the afternoon

He stands there

hands on hips

looking so glam

He’s outrageous

the vagabond

the poet

the thief

as he screams and he bawls

Jean Genie

let yourself go


© Ash Cheyne 2017

Daily Word Prompt Challenge – Polish



3 thoughts on “Simple Minded

  1. really interesting take on this prompt|inspiration – definitely has a very unique quality – and a certain mystery, in the unfolding of this tale – I really like this – the flow, the descriptives, all of it – highly imaginative – one of the most innovative and inspiring in itself pieces I’ve read in some time 🙂


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