The Narcissartist Song

When we were young

I knew a poor girl

who wanted to be rich

so she sang songs

about hating

people with power.

She would take my fingers

and draw imaginary pictures

of beautiful things

that no one could see

except her

She called condoms


as a precaution

against being discovered

to be nothing at all

except in her own imagination

Destined to be unknown

a narcissartist

who vanished

as quick as she came

every time

without a trace.


© AshCheyne 2017

Image – Sorci/Camera Press

Daily Word Prompt Challenge – Trace

5 thoughts on “The Narcissartist Song

  1. This has some very interesting nuances – very subtly worded, which makes for a contemplative reading – with a slight taste of “happy snark” lingering, with oddly but not, wistfulness and longing.

    Definitely a very interesting piece here 🙂


      1. very true – and composites are always a “safe” way to go 😉 – they seem to add up to a “universal” that is, if worded correctly, intimate


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