My Joke Bag

We have one delivered every week by people who know what constitutes funny. It’s way better than the usual mainstream material that we can get any day down the road.

Each bag has recipes that tell you what to put into your creations; how much prep you need to do; how long to heat them  and when they’ll be ready.

Now there’s the standard package which is only referrable via the internet or e mail. We prefer the gourmet option which can be delivered in person in a bar or at a show or at a party. Or even to a stranger on the bus, if you’re feeling confident.

Yeah, with the fancy option you can be sexist, racist, chauvanistic, crude. Anything you like really as long as you create a buffoon to channel the cringe worthy material through. Then the audience will be laughing at your imaginary asshole – and ultimately you of course. You can break all the rules  – just have him there with you when the politically correct brigade or the fun police bust in.

Most importantly, you are encouraged to infuse your creation with a good dose of self deprecation and don’t forget to sprinkle it with anything appropriately original you have at the back of your mind. Check the tell by date though.

Serves: as many laughs as you can handle.


© Ash Cheyne 2017

Daily Word Prompt – Infuse.




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