No Place Like Home

They arranged to meet by the old pier on the lake. There was a fishing boat there that belonged to her brother. No one had touched it since that day it was found adrift. He was presumed drowned. Some said it wasn’t an accident and that her brother was experienced on the water. The weather was fine so there must have been more to it. Maybe a suicide ?

Like young lovers they ran along the beach, avoiding the slashes of moonlight where they could be seen. Malik pushed as hard as his small, skinny frame would allow. She started the spluttering motor and he jumped in before she could get ahead of him. He wasn’t a sailor by any means and the cold and wet of the take off made him shiver as he gripped the edge of the rusty vessel. He thought of the journey to get here and how this one was short and straightforward in comparison. Short, but seemingly never ending.

Sam smiled at Malik, of sorts. She was scared and this was no lovers getaway. In truth they weren’t even really friends, but they had a job to do. Her brother had started it and there was no guarantee that they wouldn’t meet the same fate. Whatever that was.

Each smash on the waves made Malik feel sicker by the minute. He thought of home and how he wasn’t sure where that was any more. He didn’t care that much about the place. It was the people that mattered. He felt a little guilty at being safe while they still lived in fear.

There was a relative calm as they slowed down on the approach to the cove. It was pitch black on this side with the moonlight firmly tucked away behind the mountains. They dragged the boat up onto the beach and waited, like unsuspecting prey.

They were on time, but half an hour; an hour; two, three hours went by and nothing happened. No one came. They were in the right place but she started to wonder if she’d got the wrong night. They argued when Sam insisted they go back before anyone got suspicious. They’d notice they were missing. Then a flashlight shone from up the hill. There were voices. Whispering but loud and echoey in the stillness.

Three men appeared from the shadows. Two with guns, and a fat man with a big smile and a walking stick. He hugged them both and told them they were doing a very good thing. Everyone was pleased.

Sam remembered how she had got here and how the journey had nearly killed her so in a way she was happy to return the favour. She knew how much they would have paid for their terrifying journey though.

Sam looked at the boat and wondered how many there were and if they would all fit and wouldn’t it be tragic if they drowned so close to their destination. She was relieved that it was to be only four. They could manage that and their debt would be repaid and their family back home would be left alone. They could all get on with their old and new lives.

Plenty room for her and Malik and four boxes. No people to help smuggle. Instead they had 50 kilos of pure heroin and a list of numbers to call for distribution up the country. Get rid of it all and they were in the clear. She might even see her brother again if she  did a good job

She stared at Malik as he smirked at her, shoving an envelope of cash into his jacket pocket. She was totally adrift.


© Ash Cheyne 2017

Daily Word Prompt – Adrift


















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