Ooh La La

The French do it so well

although you’d be forgiven

for thinking

that they don’t spell it

that way.

En fait ils le font.

In fact America

has given us farce.

Actually no,

a complete arse

wholly focused on his own ego

when most of us wish

he would just go

and leave behind the

choreographed confusion.

A gifted farceur

if only

he got his own jokes


the farce is strong within him.

Supreme Leader May

or may not

rip us from Europe

Depends what we think

or vote

or does that really matter

as the place is

already in tatters?

Falling in

and falling out

yet all we never

talk about

is the love

that is all we need.


© Ash Cheyne 2017

Daily Word Prompt – Farce

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