Just Desert

I am surprised by the gesture but not the hospitality. She was always good at that. The good doctor has even made a chicken dish for us. I can’t imagine a vegetarian tearing away at a raw chicken for the benefit of her ex and her replacement. It is important to get along; the three of us. We have kids after all. Kids away at university but still kids. Our kids, she insists.

Nicki brings a pecan pie and loads of booze, which she mostly consumes. Can’t blame her really, having to come over and be real nice in the house “we” built together. I don’t know where she puts it. She’s not a cheap drunk, by any means. She holds her emotions pretty well.

Civilised, I think you would call the evening. We all three bite our lips more than once and of course I feel as I always have, that I’m the cause of it all. No one would argue with me on that one. A relief then, of sorts.

We embrace politely; French like and leave feeling like we’ve made progress. Set down a marker. I drive, as Nicki’s alcoholic sedatives have finally kicked in and she’s out for the count. I smile an arrogant, masculine smile and as I reach to turn the radio volume up a little I see a text come through from Helen.

I’m expecting that she’s got all sentimental or has had a change of heart and decided to rant or maybe we’ve left something behind. None of the above. Just one short sentence. Strychnine – you have about an hour.

© AshCheyne 2017 All Rights Reserved

Daily Word Prompt Challenge – Hospitality

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