Driving Little Miss

There was a time in the Royal sick kids

that I wondered if she’d make it

through the dark night.

She had been blessed by Buddhist monks

and I think they gave her universal strength,

because she was so strong

even when she was weak.

A street person at the time, asked me for money

but I refused and wished it upon him.

Then I realised  that no one deserves that and

I gave him five pounds, saying nothing.

We spent  a couple of years in the maze

wondering if she’d find her way, which she did by herself

with a lot of love from all around her.

She has her licence now

and drives us crazy at times.

Good crazy.

You know ?


© Ash Cheyne 2017 All Rights Reserved

Daily Word Prompt Challenge – Maze

13 thoughts on “Driving Little Miss

  1. Great post – very heartfelt and warming, and wonderful that it turned out for the best, all around.


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