Pretty Black & White

Alex is a perfectionist. Always searching for that dream shot that will grace the cover of a magazine like National Geographic and secure her place with the best in the business. It’s going to be today as she sets out with all the gear she needs. Just a few essentials in a day pack and maybe one or two tricks in the side pockets.

The adrenalin and the mountain air make here feel a little light headed. She has worked out the perfect spot and she’s closing in on it. It is taking longer than she expected though and she’s beginning to wish she had brought more food. Maybe a bigger water bottle. That would have just made her pack heavier, surely.

The wind is picking up and the temperature is starting to drop a little. She’d read that that can happen here but it is only Autumn so she should be fine. The slow swirling  cloud and low sun provide just the drama she is looking for and she’s happy with the results. At last.

As she starts to head back down, that low sun starts to rapidly disappear behind the mountains. It is cold now and her rain jacket provides little protection against the biting wind. The rocks on the way down seem harder to navigate than on the way up, especially with the wrong footwear. She slips more than once and starts to panic when she rolls her ankle on a tree root.

What she would give right now to be able to walk in a straight line without wincing every time she plants her foot on the ground. Tears come amid spots of rain as she thumps herself down on a grass bank.

Was it worth it she muses ? Unlike her shots she is seriously over exposed and if she needs rescuing it will come with a good telling off. Rescue ? She’s not told anyone she’s here and her phone has no connection. She considers the worst.

Alex is 7 and wants to be a photographer, like her Dad. He never goes unprepared, she thinks to herself. Alex smiles as she turns away from the Ansel Adams in the hallway.

©   Ash Cheyne 2017

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