The Old Man’s Beard

We all got a letter from the Council. Vicious, uncaring pigs, I thought.

He had to go, apparently. He was a nuisance and a danger to all around him they said. He could be moved on but that would be temporary at this time of year. He’d come back stronger next time and more of a problem.

Quite why his beard was the root of the problem, was beyond me. No mention of the smell or of his supermarket trolley and the ubiquitous cans of Super lager. Just the beard.

Didn’t he have any family ? Yes he does, I discovered. The Buttercups, although he was often referred to by others as the travellers joy. He’s not from round here, you see. Well, that’s often a problem in these strange days. Europe perhaps or maybe south west Asia.

In actual fact he smells of jasmine and strong lemon. He climbs very well and every day and he is tolerant of cold, wind, damp and salt.

He has to go though – Clematis vitalba. Lovely name but our bio security folks aren’t fooled by that. Whilst some other countries are stocking their arsenals and testing their weapons of mass deception, we here in New Zealand are looking after our plant life. So sorry Clematis, you can’t come around here killing our native seedlings. We’re having none of that.

©Ash Cheyne 2017

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