Diamond Geezer

It had been a long day for Mel. It was dark when he arrived at the bank and as he drove home the sun was disappearing faster than his enthusiasm. He wasn’t sure if he could keep this security lark up for much longer.

It used to be stimulating work but he was a bright guy and he’d got used to it quickly. His colleagues seemed less able than him yet he suspected they took home more than he did at the end of the day. He’d thought about leaving but it wasn’t as simple as that. He didn’t even have a resumé as such.

Wouldn’t make for very attractive reading in the recruitment stakes anyway. He’d done some big jobs all right, but he was unlikely to get a nice reference from anyone.

The boss now, well he was a piece of work. Old school attitude with a finger in every pie and not averse to breaking a few. He’d done his time inside and out and he liked Mel. Or so he said. Like the son he never had, although he did have two. Disappointment was a word he used a lot.

Mel glanced over to the passenger seat at his tools of the trade. Just a laptop and a phone. Next to them was a small box with someone’s family jewels in it. As the lights flashed in his rear view mirror, the siren grew louder.

Pulling off the motorway at high speed he switched off the lights. The dashboard darkened. No more control. He shut his eyes and thought of his bright future.


©AshCheyne 2017

Daily Word Prompt Challenge – Control

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