Harmony in the Hospital

Back in the 70’s the Bay City Rollers sang Shang a Lang. Their hairdos were augmented I’m sure with all manner of products including Harmony hair spray. According to the advert it lasted 24 hours and brushed out easily.

Long before that there was Yin and Yang and the idea that opposing forces like night and day can achieve harmony when they are in balance.

Our world needs holding together. Not by products but by the acceptance that, as the Prophet Muhammed said, all creatures are one family dependent on God.

Some years ago I had occasion to be in a hospital corridor late at night. I saw a figure in the distance whom I presumed was female as she was wearing a black niqab.  It had been an emotionally charged day and as she came closer, I felt a strange feeling of resentment. Why was she covered from head to foot like that ?

Covered that is except the eyes which, despite whatever reason she was in that corridor, radiated a smile at me. Nothing else; just two beautiful, kind eyes. I smiled back at the other human and thought of everything we must have had in common in that place of healing.

Harmony – for at least 24 hours and not easily brushed away.

© Ash Cheyne 2017

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